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Food allergies affect your brain

Hyperactive children-

The allergic child may suffer from the so-called “allergic-tension fatigue syndrome” described by Dr. Frederic Speer in 1954, resulting in irritability, hyperactivity and impaired concentration, negatively affecting school performance. The most convincing proof that this is indeed so, comes from a placebo-controlled double-blind cross-over, conducted by Dr. Egger and his team, who studied 76 hyperactive children to see if the diet can contribute to behavioral disorders trial. The results showed that 79% of children tested reacted adversely to artificial food colorings and preservatives, mainly tartrazine and benzoic acid, which produced a marked deterioration in their behavior. However no child reacted to these alone. In fact 48 different foods that produced symptoms among children assessed were found.


For example, 64% reacted to cow’s milk, chocolate 59%, 49% wheat, 45% for oranges, eggs 39%, 32% to peanuts, and 16% sugar. Interestingly it was not only the behavior of children improved after modification of individual diet. Most also they improved significantly associated symptoms, such as headaches, seizures, abdominal discomfort, chronic rhinitis, pain in the extremities, rashes and mouth ulcers.


Another similar double-blind controlled food trial by Dr. Egger and his team carried out on 88 children suffering from frequent migraines. As before, most children reacted to various foods / chemicals. cow’s milk caused symptoms in 27 children, the egg in 24, chocolate 22, both oranges and wheat 21, benzoic acid: However the following foods / chemicals that occurred more frequently found in 14 and 12 tartrazine.


Again, interestingly, after modifying the diet, not only improved migraine, but also disorders physical, such as abdominal pain, muscle aches, seizures, rhinitis, recurrent mouth ulcers, asthma, eczema, as well as a variety of disorders of behavior. While food colorings or additives can cause symptoms, most commonly implicated types of foods are milk, wheat, egg, beef, corn, sugar cane and chocolate. A similar syndrome in adults has been simply called “cerebral allergy”.Allergy often appears in a masked form in which the individual actually feels better after eating a favorite food. However, in a variable number of hours a grave disappointment and experiences of the patient’s symptoms can be vague and nonspecific and often include headache, depression, nasal stuffiness and sleepiness occurs.


Allergies run in families

Allergies are hereditary and so does the brain allergy. Allergic diseases have many symptoms and the most common occurs when the baby can not tolerate cow’s milk or goat’s milk as it begins a long struggle against allergies. Therefore symptoms are colic, eczema or croup.

Lack of breastfeeding may predispose baby to allergies because the baby does not receive the necessary immunity of the mother. Colic can progress to celiac disease in which food passes through the intestinal tract unchanged. If a sample of the intestinal wall is studied, you can see that the finger-shaped villi that absorb food flattens and the intestinal wall becomes soft and has scars. Asthma can occur and alternate with other allergic diseases. Children who eat food dyes or foods naturally rich in salicylates can develop hyperactivity.


Do you have brain allergies?

Does dispersion and

  1. A history of infant colic
  2. A history of childhood eczema
  3. A history of celiac disease (malabsorption)
  4. History of asthma, rash or hay fever
  5. favorite everyday foods
  6. Excessive daily mood changes
  7. frequent and rapid Colds
  8. Seasonal allergies
  9. The relief of symptoms with fasting
  10. Intolerance to food, such as wheat or milk.

If most of the above applies can benefit from:

  • Methionine, 500 mg, am and pm
  • Calcium  500mg, am and pm
  • Zinc  15mg, am and pm
  • 10 mg Manganese, am and pm
  • B6 appropriate to remember dreams (no more than 1,000 mg)
  • Vitamin C  , 1000-2000mg, am and pm
  • plus a  basic supplement  program with suplemento intelimax iq …

4 celebrities who overcame their allergy social networks

Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham are among the celebs who have been tempted to share your life through Instagram and Instagress strategy. Now we feel closer to them.


Mexico with her husband in Cannes.
Mexico with her husband in Cannes. Photo: Instagram


1. Salma Hayek

“I officially lost my virginity on social networks and how to lose it. First on Facebook, then Twitter Instagram and now!” , Was the message that the Mexican Salma Hayek to the millions of users of these services amounted to communication on 24 March. “life is about new discoveries, so today, after decades suffering from a self-imposed allergy technology, I’m losing my virginity on social networks. I want to be there for the people who have supported me all these years. I am grateful to them and I hope I well know better. I’m anxious to start this new adventure and I hope it fun and inspiring, “wrote the actress on his Facebook profile, which so far only used to share with his followers news on women and education, issues that is particularly sensitive.


The beautiful actress challenge the rules imposed by the Festival de Cannes, same as the past few weeks has tried to eradicate the practice.
The beautiful actress challenge the rules imposed by the Festival de Cannes, same as the past few weeks has tried to eradicate the practice. Photo: Instagram

Since then Salma has been very close to her fans. Through their networks have seen their visits to museums, his passion for animals, their struggle for gender equality and even romantic moments with her ​​husbandFrançois-Henri Pinault , now found in Cannes.

Thanks, Salma!

2. David Beckham


David Beckham
David Beckham Photo: Instagram


On May 2 David Beckham arrived at age 40 and apparently his outlook on life changed. He joined Instagram breaking the great distance between him and his millions of fans worldwide The former football star Facebook already had, however, this decision has become closer to their fans. Thanks to Instagram found out the big birthday celebration he organized his wife Victoria Beckham and how well that looks at his age. In less than a month David has surpassed six million followers and has shown he is a man of house, passionate about their children, who likes to walk on a motorcycle and share his philosophy of life through Instagram phrases.


David really enjoyed the music in the No. 20, Polanco.
David really enjoyed the music in the No. 20, Polanco. Photo: Instagram

Just two weeks ago the former footballer was in Mexico and from Instagram documented his stay, especially his approach to our culture by listening to mariachi music and dine at a popular restaurant in Polanco.

Undoubtedly, David is one of the personalities that must be followed in Instagram in him, besides selfies where looks guspísimo, a style guide, photographs of his travels, his great friends and an album of your life you will find next to your lovely kids. 3. Brooklyn Beckham


Brooklyn Beckham found this great chocolate bunny in his garden.
Brooklyn Beckham found this great chocolate bunny in his garden. Photo: Instagram Brooklyn Beckham

Earlier this month another handsome Beckham joined social interaction: Brooklyn , the eldest son of Davidand Victoria . The 16 year old teenager opened his Twitter account a week after his father did the same in Instagram. Within hours of its release, the aspiring young footballer already had more than 20,000 followers and is now close to one hundred thousand followers already.


Brooklyn Beckham first went to Coachella.
Brooklyn Beckham first went to Coachella. Photo: Instagram Brooklyn Beckham

On Twitter, Brooklyn makes us part of your daily life, your style and your passions, such as football. Just a few days ago released a video in which their ability to check the sport. 4. Ryan Reynolds


Actor Ryan Reynolds has already published some photos of their personal lives.
Actor Ryan Reynolds has already published some photos of their personal lives. Photo: Instagram

Actor Ryan Reynolds released a few days ago its official accounts on Facebook and Instagram, which came as create a profile on Twitter, last November. In the first publication that the singer has shared its official Facebook page, which already has more than 670,000 fans-you can see a picture of him on the set of filming of ‘Fifteen’, with the message: “it’s great to be on Facebook is always well being fashionable 12 years later.” .


The first picture I saw of James, daughter of Blake and Ryan.
The first picture I saw of James, daughter of Blake and Ryan. Photo: Instagram

Ryan also used his Instagram account to offer fans a preview of his new movie with an image characterized as Deadpool superhero, which appears flying through the air: “I landed successfully, his mouth,” wrote the actor with . to the photo as we envision, and share aspects of their professional life, the actor and has shared nibble of his personal life, one of the most significant it is the first photo of his eldest James : “Fight your thumbs do not always He is just. Interestingly, my hand is small, “wrote the actor at the foot of his image in which the baby appears tightening the thumb, marking the first time we see a part of the daughter of the famous couple formed by Blake Lively .


This is the first image you posted the actor.
This is the first image you posted the actor. Photo: Instagram

How to save money on allergy treatment

What are your rights?

Until the Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014, there are no federal laws in place to ensure that allergy sufferers receive treatment.

What problems can run on?

“It is quite normal that the insurance companies will cover all drugs prescribed for the treatment of allergies, at least on some level,” says Dr. Michael Foggs, American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology board member and former president of managed care and Health Planning Committee. “Although, one thing to keep in mind is that many allergy medications are now available across the counter, that is, those who are not covered by insurance anymore.”

If your doctor needs to perform any procedure on you, ask them to write down the codes and call your insurance company to make sure they are covered beforehand. “It is the responsibility of your allergist to find out what your insurance will cover,” says Dr. Sakina Bajowala, member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. “That’s something that has to be taken care of.”

How can you save money on treatment?

“Allergies are chronic diseases, which can become expensive to treat,” says Dr. Bajowala. “But having said that, there are ways to save money, both short term and long term.” An immediate concern will be how to save money on medicine. In recent years, most oral allergy medications like Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra and was available in two generic forms and over-the-counter.

“Generic versions of these drugs are as good as the brand and you can save a lot of money,” says Dr. Bajowala. She suggests shopping at large discount stores like Sams Club and Costco. Many use these types of drugs as a loss leader, meaning that just make them at all as a way to bring people in the door.

While you may be tempted to also obtain an OTC nasal spray, Dr. Bajowala recommended against it. “The most effective prescription nasal sprays are unique,” she says. “But you do not have to go out and have your doctor prescribe the name of a more recent mark. Many of these have gone generic, well, so ask for that option to ensure that you have the lowest copay.”

As for eye drops, Dr. Foggs has a similar warning. “The best type of eye drops is achieved by prescription and, for the moment, the brand name,” he says. “But with eye drops, and other: some drugs pharmaceutical companies have plans which discount prescription drugs to patients in low-income brackets usually have to file a financial statement and have the check. your doctor who needs medication. ”

Also look for online coupons needymeds.com for prescription drugs. It sounds strange, but deep discounts to help with the cost if no insurance you can get.

“The other way to get free medication is to ask your doctor for a sample,” says Dr. Foggs. “Pharmaceutical Representatives leave plenty of samples to doctors and he will not mind giving you one. That way you will not lose money on pills or sprays that they will not be effective for you.”

In addition to medications, chances are also going to have skin tests to find out what exactly you are allergic.”This is about, but if you have no insurance, most allergists will be happy to get to you a cheaper price, especially if you can pay cash and in advance,” says Dr. Bajowala. “Most doctors do not get their full rate of insurance companies anyway, so do not feel bad asking.”

While these strategies will help you save money in the short term, there are two things you can explore on bookkeeper brisbane that can help you financially in the long run. One is to pay the highest copay to visit an allergist rather than self-medicate yourself with over-the-counter medications. “That way, you will not spend unnecessary money on medication that may not be the best for your allergies,” says Dr. Foggs. “And the allergist will be able to identify the specific triggers, so you can focus your energy (and money) on things that are more likely to help.”

The other option you can explore with your allergist is a process called allergen immunotherapy.

“That is a series of injections given in the course of three to five years,” says Dr. Bajowala. “They can be very profitable in the long run, as they can lead to no medication is required for up to 10 years after treatment.” The vaccines are covered by insurance, but if you have a high deductible plan, beginning his series in the second half of the year. “When you start the process, shots get more regularly, so you’ll save if you start after you meet the deductible,” says Dr. Bajowala.

A fire damaged a clinic; no injuries

It affected the Allergy and Immunology hospital ward. Four fire crews extinguished the fire.

The fire affected the ground floor of the Allergy and Immunology clinic

The fire in the Allergy and Immunology clinic neighborhood scare caused Friday, although four endowments Bombaron managed to control the fire.

The staff evacuated the place, located on Avenida Avellaneda and Arturo M. Bas, and no injuries were reported, according to the Cordoba Police. ” People came by their means,” said the commissioner Marcelo Palacios, Fire.

“The damage is widespread, have taken fire stretchers, furniture. We had to lower the ceiling to extinguish the fire completely,” he said on Radio Mitre Cordoba.

The fire had started in the ground floor of the hospital, causing total damage, according to sources. And  the representative of the clinic said that they would have “A#1 Emergency Service water damage repair orange county” repair the ground floor.

Using anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy

Important points

  • HIV-positive pregnant women (who have the virus) take HIV drugs to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV and to protect their own health.
  • Women already taking anti-HIV drugs when they become pregnant should continue taking them during pregnancy. HIV-positive women not taking HIV medications when they get pregnant should consider start taking them as soon as possible.
  • HIV-positive pregnant women can receive many anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy without hurting them. Pregnant women and their health care providers analyzed in detail the risks and benefits of specific HIV drugs when choosing a treatment regimen for use during pregnancy.
  • Since pregnancy affects how the body assimilates drugs, the dose of a drug against HIV may change during pregnancy. However, women should always talk to your health care provider before making any changes.

The goal of HIV care during pregnancy to protect the health of HIV-positive women and their babies. All HIV-positive pregnant women should take anti-HIV drugs to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV. These drugs also protect the health of pregnant women.

What is MTCT?

Child transmission of HIV is the virus spread from a woman to her child during pregnancy or childbirth or through breast milk. MTCT is the most common way a child becomes infected with HIV. The HIV drugs act in various ways to prevent mother to child transmission of the virus, both during pregnancy and after birth.During pregnancy The purpose of HIV drugs to reduce the level of virus in the body to an undetectable level (called undetectable viral load ) during pregnancy. By reducing this concentration, decrease the chance that an HIV-positive woman will transmit the virus to her baby during pregnancy and childbirth. The HIV drugs also pass from a pregnant woman to the baby through the placenta (the organ that forms inside the uterus during pregnancy). This transfer of these drugs prevent mother to child transmission of the virus, particularly in the near-natal period when the baby is more exposed to the blood and other body fluids of the mother. After childbirth After birth, the babies of HIV-positive mothers They are receiving anti-HIV drugs to protect against possible maternal HIV infection during childbirth.

Is the use of anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy Hurts?

HIV-positive pregnant women can receive many anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy without hurting them.Pregnant women and their health care providers carefully consider the risks and benefits of certain anti-HIV drugs before choosing a treatment regimen for HIV for use during pregnancy. When recommending HIV drugs for use during pregnancy, the health care providers consider their potential short- and long-term for babies of HIV-positive mothers. Not any of them clearly linked to birth defects, but some have raised concerns. It encourages women treated with these drugs during pregnancy entered in the Register of antiretroviral treatment during pregnancy ( Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry ), which monitors prenatal exposure (before birth) to them for any possible increased risk of birth defects caused by drugs. Pregnant women exposed to HIV drugs voluntarily enroll in the registry by their health care providers. The health care providers also consider the following factors in recommending the use of anti-HIV drugs during pregnancy :

  • Body changes associated with pregnancy that may affect how these medicines assimilated. Because of these changes, it is possible that the dose of these drugs during pregnancy change.
  • The clinical history of a woman, including any prior use of anti-HIV drugs.
  • Possible drug interactions with other HIV that can make a woman.
  • Test results of drug resistance. This type of testing identifies which HIV drugs, if any, will not be effective against infection of HIV positive people.
  • The possibility that a woman taking HIV medications as directed.

When should a pregnant woman living with HIV start taking anti-HIV drugs?

Some HIV-positive women may already take HIV drugs for their own health before becoming pregnant. They should continue taking them during pregnancy. These drugs will continue to protect the health of women and prevent mother to child transmission of the virus. The treatment regimen against HIV that can change a woman receives during pregnancy. For example, it is possible that some drugs are not recommended during pregnancy because of the increased risk of side effects. Since pregnancy affects the way the body takes drugs, you may change the dose of a drug against HIV. However, women should always talk to their health care providers before making any changes. The HIV-positive women not taking HIV medications when they get pregnant should consider start taking them as soon as possible. These drugs reduce the amount of HIV (viral load) in the body. By having a lower concentration of HIV in the body reduces the risk of transmission from mother to child and women’s health is protected.

What HIV drugs should make HIV-positive pregnant woman?

When recommending HIV drugs for use during pregnancy, health care providers follow the same clinical guidelines used for women who are not pregnant. Also they discuss what is known about the use of specific HIV drugs during pregnancy, including the risk of side effects that could harm the mother or her baby. The rate of HIV treatment is preferred for women without pretreatment should include two  inhibitors analogue reverse transcriptase nucleoside (NRTI)  together with a inhibitor of chain transfer integrase (INSTI) , aninhibitor of nucleoside reverse transcribed non-nucleoside (NNRTI) or inhibitor protease (IP) with low doses ofritonavir (brand name: Norvir). the scheme should generally include at least one of the following NRTIs that easily pass through the placenta:

Are HIV positive women HIV drugs taken during and after childbirth?

During labor, women with HIV take medication to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV. For additional information, read the fact sheet AIDSinfo on the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV during childbirth . The babies of HIV positive mothers receiving anti-HIV drugs for 6 weeks after birth to prevent mother to child transmission of the virus. These types of medications protect babies from any HIV has passed from mother to child during labor and delivery. For additional information, read the fact sheet AIDSinfo on the Prevention of HIV transmission from mother after birth . Women should consult with their health care providers if they should continue with anti-HIV drugs after delivery. These drugs are recommended for all HIV-positive people. These drugs prevent HIV from becoming AIDS and reduce the risk of sexual transmission of HIV.

How I can get more information about HIV and pregnancy?

  • Visit the website about HIV and pregnancy: gyn nyc .

Arts and disease: Photography exhibition on chronic urticaria.

Yesterday, when we talked about chronic urticaria , we concluded our entry noting that the Association of People Affected by Chronic Urticaria proposed as the theme for the World Day of the disease the phrase ” Put yourself in my skin “as an invitation to those who do not suffer from this ailment to understand the many and varied ways in which conditions and reduces the quality of life of those who do have it.

And to make this reflection, the same association has created an exhibition of photographs versa monograph on such conditions, whose title is exactly the same phrase chosen as the theme (” Freaky skin “). The exhibition opened last October 1 in theFoundation Hospital Juan Jimenez Diaz in Madrid , in which hall will remain until Monday 6th, the date on which the transfer is due to the Allergy Unit of the same hospital to continue there display until October 13.

Simultaneously, from today until October 2nd and 31st of the month you can also visit the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona or the official website www.mindonphotography.com.

The exhibition consists of a series of 19 photographs, in which everyday scenes accompanied by phrases or statements that demonstrate the limitations and frustration that often leads to live with chronic urticaria are shown: the impact of the disease in the relationship, problems related work, the need to avoid certain foods or drugs, clothes or shoes, the difficulty of participating in social events, the impossibility of carrying out certain activities, the potential impact on self-esteem, … all belong in these images , all captured on camera by Susana Torralbo .


The intention of the Association is that in coming months the exhibition to become itinerant, and to visit as many cities, to bring about this necessary reflection in the general population and for patients who feel they are not alone, that their situation is felt and known by many people, and that promote understanding of it can positively affect their quality of life.


The images included in this entry are part of the exhibition mentioned, and are presented here with permission of the Association of People Affected by Chronic Urticaria . If you can not visit in Madrid or Barcelona , we suggest you visit this virtual exhibition itself Association has prepared (click on the poster):


Five films on HIV / AIDS

AIDS also has a movie role

HIV infection has become a contested issue in recent times . Fear, ignorance, taboos, but especially the reactions of people to implying subsequent disease have also been a source of wonder and study cinema.

Therefore, we bring you five films on HIV / AIDS collected by putlocker and you can find these films on project free tv

An Early Frost (1985)

It was the first film about AIDS. Michael Pierson was a young homosexual lawyer who had developed the disease. Needless to say, by the time the issue was discussed from different perspectives, from the closed and his pregnant sister who did not want to touch it for fear of infecting the baby and open as her grandmother, who offered their support.

Philadelphia (1993)

This film had a big role in publicizing social problems faced by a person who had developed AIDS. The leading role it took Tom Hanks, who won him an Oscar for her performance, and who is presented as a homosexual man away from stereotypes and mannerisms promiscuity. Contrary to this, is shown as a successful guy and love with your partner, which gave foot that was a little more openness towards the LGBT community. In addition to the excellent performances, the soundtrack includes the theme ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ Bruce Springsteen. Cancionsota.

Longtime Companion (1989)

In a time when AIDS was attributed solely to the homosexual population, this film brought about a more human sense. The title is attributed to how newspapers of that time concerned the partner of the deceased in the obituaries. In this film shows how a group of friends going to live chidos tragic moments when they start dying loved ones.


We were here (2011)

The documentary, directed by David Weissman , was shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to compete in the category of Best Documentary at the year’s Academy Awards 2012, although it was not finally nominated. Addresses the spread of the virus in San Francisco , the gay capital of the world during the decade of the 80. It presents the different reactions of the affected families and how they responded to the painful epidemic. Needless to say, this film turns out to be emblematic and reflective.

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

One of the most recent films on the spread of HIV . Here is Matthew McConaughey in one of his best performances in which she plays Ron Woodroof who is sentenced to diein 30 days due to the supply of highly toxic drugs. Ron refuses and takes to get a treatment that had not yet been legally approved. Obviously he gets in trouble with the Food and Drug Administration and this creates a campaign to raise awareness about the misinformation that exists on the subject. Matthew won this year’s Oscar for best actor for his role in this film.